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Gir Gaya

Some time back, I was speeding down the stairs of my apartment building when I suddenly lost footing and slipped down about 10 stairs and in that process cut a nasty bruise on my hand. The damage had been done and the best thing I thought that would help speed up the drying process was put soframycin on it and leave it open to heal.

The other day someone knocked on the door. I opened the door, it was our milkman with the daily quantity of milk, so I went into the kitchen to look for the utensil to pour the milk in and came back.

As he was pouring the milk he saw my bruised hand and asked “Mandeepbhai kya hua?”(Mandeep What happened?) I said “Gir gaya tha.”(I fell down) he though i went to Gir Lion sanctuary “Ohohoho Gir gaya tha? Sinh Joya?”(oh u went to Gir? Did u see the lions there?)


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