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Membership FAQ

60kph is more of a biking club than a bikers club. Travel and riding long distance on the motorcycle to remote parts of India is the club's main motto. "Yahoo! Groups" ( is where 60kph members currently interact online with each other, share routes, and most importantly share the thrills and spills of riding and travel. 60kph is open to anybody who dreams of travel, adventure, riding and wants to interact with the like-minded.

On becoming a member, you are free to participate in ongoing discussions and ride planning.

Members who do not contribute to the progress of the club or just join the club to gather information and not share it with others are removed. Also dormant/inactive members are removed from time to time.

Presently most members own Royal Enfield motorcycles. Neither does Royal Enfield pay us to keep this as a preliminary condition, nor is 60kph affiliated to the company. But we do have exceptions where members ride other motorcycles due to various reasons.

Before you apply for membership with us, kindly read the FAQ below which will give you an insight about us and how we function.


  • Does 60kph charge membership/registration fees?
    60kph is a non-profit club. Neither the group nor any of its members will charge you for becoming a member. Membership to 60kph is free.

  • Does 60kph charge its members to participate in the club rides?
    NO, each member pays for his/her expenses. All the rides are planned and coordinated internally by 60kph members.

  • What are the requirements to join a 60kph ride?
    Firstly, you have to be a 60kph member with an Enfield. Secondly, you have to co-ordinate the details of the ride with the road captain of that ride and fellow riders. Things become easy when responsibilities are shared. In short, you have to be a team player.

  • What kind of riders does 60kph want in the club?
    We are looking for riders who like to travel long distance on their bikes and who also actively participate in club activities.

  • Where are 60kph rides co-coordinated from?
    Presently member interaction and rides are being co-coordinated from

  • How and where are the rides planned?
    Until now all the major rides have been to remote regions of India, which are relatively less explored. There is no fixed destination for the day; the nature of the ride free-flowing. During the rides staying in villages with basic facilities and camping is preferred over hotels.

  • How many Kilometers does one have to ride everyday on these rides?
    It's a ride specific question; each ride is planned differently and members are informed in advance about the rough distance the ride will cover each day.

  • I am a female interested in biking and traveling; can I join?
    Yes, we do have female riders with us as members.

  • Why am I asked about my previous rides and travel?
    This is a club for bikers and travellers, that's why. And we use this information to decide whether to accept or reject your membership request.

  • I have a bike other than Royal Enfield. Can I join?
    Yes, we have made exceptions in some cases as we are also a travellers forum. But these cases are dealt with on a one-to-one basis. But for the kind of rides we go on, anything above 180cc is required for you to join. Again, an exception will only be made if your spirit for travel is found above the make of machines. It is very rare that we will accept members having Indian bikes below 350cc.

  • I am outside India, don't have a bike but plan to travel India on a bike soon, can I join?
    Yes, you can. In fact we do have foreign nationals as members with us who intend to travel India on a bike and want information on various fronts.

  • I drive a car, can I join?
    Yes, you can. We did have on our past rides some senior members riding in cars, which are used as back-up vehicles. But we are very selective in this category; only die-hard travellers who cannot ride a bike for some reasons are accepted.

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