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Jaana Hai (I want to go!)

I was scouting location for a film in manali on a hired bullet, i was riding to remote places, as the landscapes had to match that of Kashmir.

I was riding on a dirt track road along the alpine forest to Bijli Mahadev on the outskirts of Manali, hired bullets which are hardly maintained huffed and puffed all the way up on steep and narrow dirt tracks.

On one such turn, an elderly villager waved me for a lift, sacrificing my urge to ride alone, i gave him a lift. After few minutes of riding, i asked him " Kidhare jaana hai?" (where you want to go?) he calmly replied, "Jaana hai" ( I want to go!)

Firstly i though i heard it wrong so after a few minutes i asked him the same question again, the reply was same " Jaana hai". Now i was sure that he was drunk, so i stopped my bike and shouted at him, " i gave you a lift and you are making fun by answering to my question where you want to go by, i want to go (jaana hai).

He immediately interfered, "sir don't get angry, actually Jaana( I want to go) is the name of my village. We both couldn't help but laugh at the situation, later i dropped him off at his village and yes it was called "Jaana" he treated me with a tea while the locals at the teashop also laughed at the confusion.


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