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With an average population of eight people per square Kilometer, Arunachal Pradesh is India's most remote and exotic state. Arunachal shares it's borders with China, Bhutan and Myanmar on northern, western and Southeastern side and hosts the southern tip of the Mighty Himalayas.

Arunachal is home to several tribes (presently 66) that still live indigenously on the forest around them. Some tribals still wear animal skin barely covering their bodies and ornaments made out of animal bones, claws and bird's feathers. They are armed with guns, bow and arrow or swords, but are very friendly people.

One reason why inner line permits are issued only for a certain period to visit Arunachal is because the government doesn't want the tribals to get influenced by the outside culture. It is a good thing because being an Indian I got a cultural shock on seeing people totally dependent on forest, a visit to the village will make you feel as if you have entered the set of a period film.

Arunachal is not only amazing for it's people but for it's landscapes too. Higher regions are dominated by The Himalayas and lower regions by plains. Result a wide variety of flora and fauna and more than 450 species of Orchids.

Each day's travel is a different experience in Arunachal; each region has a different tribe with costumes, architecture and customs radically different from others, since the topography of the region is so diverse and tribals been perfectly adapted to their surroundings the diversity is prominent.

Roads are narrow, but there is hardly any traffic, in fact some of the roads are so less traveled that grass and algae grow out from the tar. No proper bridges to cross rivers. Twice we had to cross 300 feet long bridges made out of wooden planks and bamboo flakes. At the height of 100 feet from the river, pushing the bike through the broken planks of wood was the scariest moment of my life.

The only drawback in Arunachal is there are no hotels, except for a few big towns. For die-hard travelers it's a blessing in disguise, locals will welcome you in their houses.

Itanagar, capital of Arunachal is a very small town, a visit to the parliament and you will be surprised to see home and finance ministry being run from one small building with three rooms. No facilities like ATM, or money exchange, but Arunachal is amazing!

Arunachal won't overwhelm you with it's pristine beauty because it is raw, but will make you feel at home, a part of it's nature, and if the places don't do the trick I am sure the people will. A must visit place for hard-core travelers who like to travel remote

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