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Yana - The Lazy Charms of an Old Love

As a rookie rider, everything was new and everything was fresh, Kutch sort of just tumbled right out in the shape of words and all of them seemed perfect reproductive experience.

Yana was tough to write. 

Tough because my speedometer has sped to xyz Kms since the dawn of 2005 caught me in dental hygiene.

Tough because 2006 came in softly...calmly… settling in my soul like a dream.

Tough because a ride alone couldn’t induce a writers diarrhea for I am now love's own lazy veteran.

But that is why Yana had to be written.

I had to write why Yana wasn’t about riding but could grasp the true essence of what I felt when news of Lovely Jani's awards came through

Riding is about people and places, about fuck ups and feelings which makes memories and memoirs - and all together make a man (and a woman… eh! Nicky)


The first day towards Yana and away from Bangalore is a story of a longest riding day in history which included a ride, a rescue, a breakdown, a loss and a reunion with creativity thrown in as the nightcap!


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