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(latest ride update)
(latest ride update)

Anand from Hyderabad reached Mumbai on 18th evening, with an en route stop at Sholapur and hit the road with the Mumbai group (Kyle, Smit, Gaurav, Vinod, Vaibhav and Histasp) on 19th morning.

Everything was on schedule.

Even Vinod's RE500 having a flat just about 60 kms into the ride.

The Mumbai Ahmedabad highway is just hell for motorists, heavy traffic, amazing bottlenecks of
trucks (up to 50 lined up at toll gates). Group riding is just impossible!

So, the riders broke into pairs and rode buddy fashion two by two, regrouping at preset meeting points down the highway.

Histasp as usual rode drag.

Reached Valsad at 12:15 hours and met up with Mandeep, Sandeep and Gaurav Shukla of the Gujarat Bullet Community.

Breakfast was typical Dhaba fare, Aaloo and Gobi Parathas and lots of "Kutchi Beer" (buttermilk in recycled beer bottles).

The traffic eased up a bit after Surat, but the going was still tough due to inside-lane truckers. It got worse with the road narrowing down to a single lane and missing road makers.

Met Amol and Aviral at Kheda

After some tea and snacks, Amol and Aviral led us to Amol's place at Ahmedabad




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