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Western sector of India is dominated by the dry and desert states of Rajasthan and Gujarat and by the state of Maharastra and Goa from where the western ghats originate.

Great Thar desert on the western side of Rajasthan is barren but holds great natural beauty, but it was covered with thick forest millions of years ago. Rajasthan is a photographer's paradise with old Rajputi forts and colourful attire of the locals.

State of Gujarat is separated from the sindh in Pakistan by the marshland known as Rann of Kutch. Gujarat is also the only home to the Asiatic Lions.

Both Gujarat and Rajasthan are rich in culture, music and tradition and are the obvious choice for travelers wanting to see the rustic and exotic part of India.

Western ghats stretching out in the south originate from the state of Maharastra. Goa along with Maharastra has India's most beautiful beaches and magnificent forts and needless to say that rides to each destination is superb, what with all those ghats with hairpin bends.


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